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CANVASTIC DOT NET is the new, free, online version of Canvastic.


CANVASTIC DOT NET is designed to be simple, fast, fun and useful. During the school holidays or any time your child wants to create a story or drawing, this is a great program for them to use.

If you are having trouble, here are a few things to try:

- Refresh the web page to reload the Dot NET program
- Quit and restart the web browser
- install the latest version of Adobe Flash


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Canvastic Dot NET is intended to be simple, fun, online version of the popular productivity tool for kids, Canvastic Version 3.5. It has everything needed for primary students to draw and write but does not have all the advanced features available in the installable program. It can be used anywhere that has an Internet connection and only requires a fairly modern web browser (Firefox is preferred) and Adobe Software's Flash to be installed.

Note: Some tools and functions shown may not be available on the free simple version.

Netbook users: Because of the smaller monitor resolution on these small computers you can enhance your experience by hiding all the toolbars in your browser window. This works a bit differently on different systems but is generally under the View Menu. The paid version automatically scales itself for Netbooks. Or click here, this link may hide them for you automatically depending upon your system: Free Simple Dot NET for Netbooks




The Paint Brush tool is the main tool for drawing. Click the paint brush icon to select it. Click the size dot desired. Click the color desired. Then click, hold and drag to draw in the canvas area.



The Shape tool is used for creating solid shapes. Click the shape icon to select it. Click the rectangle, oval or star. Click the color desired. Then click, hold and drag to draw in the canvas area. You can "rotate" the mouse will drawing to change the shape. The shape will be drawn from the center of the the original click of the mouse.



The Line tool is used for drawing straight lines. Click the line icon to select it. Click the size dot desired. Click the color desired. Then click, hold and drag to draw in the canvas area.



The color picker area will allow you to select tool colors and the canvas background color. If you have the Paint Color icon selected the tool color will change. If you have the Canvas Color icon selected the canvas color will change.

The transparency slider will lighten the color selected and allow colors to "show through" the current color.



The Text Area will allow 4 lines of text to be entered via the keyboard.





Clicking the Save button will activate the program's save feature. The canvas and the text area are converted to a jpeg format image. That image will download to your computer just as other images from the Internet are downloaded. They will be saved onto the Desktop or into the Downloads folder depending upon your system. Some systems allow you to open rather than save the downloaded image. Be sure to use the Save command under the File Menu to save it again if you choose this option.



Clicking the Print button will activate the program's print feature. The Canvas and the Text Area will print.

Note: The web browser's print command under the File Menu will not work correctly. It will print the web page but not the drawing or the text area.


Clear Canvas

Clicking the Clear Canvas button will give you a new canvas and text area. Everything is erased and is lost permanently. This button gives you a choice to continue with the clear function or stop so you can save or print first.



Clicking Replay button shows your drawing one step at a time as if in a movie. This is a fun feature and useful for sequenced activities and curriculum.

Note: The shapes and lines appear without the "drawing" motion. The brush strokes appear at the speed that they were created.



Clicking the Undo button "erases" the last thing you added to the canvas. You can click it again and again to move back through your marks on the canvas.

Note: It does not work with the text area.


Simple Free Dot NET

This is a simplified version that only has one tool, the paint brush. It has limited functions. It includes advertisements. It is free to use for everyone.


Yearly Subscription to Dot NET

This is the full version of Dot NET. It includes all the tools and functions listed on this page of documentation. It is advertisement free. You receive a customized URL that requires a login that can be remembered by your web browser. You can purchase the subscription here.


Dot NET for Netbooks

This is a version that uses the small screen resolution on netbooks to their best advantage. The browser's toolbars are hidden to create the space on the monitor for Canvastic Dot NET to show more fully. Purchased subscriptions will automatically scale themselves for your monitor size. See more information about the netbook version here. You can purchase the subscription here.


Technical Support

Send your questions to Responses are usually within 24 hours.

To help us better serve you, please include:

  • A clear description of the problem or question.
  • The Canvastic version you are using. List the URL of the web page, ie:
  • The browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari are supported)
  • The operating system version you are using. (Be specific. "Mac OS X 10.5.5" is more helpful than "Mac".)
  • Your contact information.


Feature Requests and Bug Reports

Whether you have a feature request or bug report, we want to hear from you. Please provide as many details as possible, and send a message to and let us know how we can improve the product to better meet your needs.



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